Frequently Asked Questions

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The running belt is machine washable in cold and hang to dry.

Yes, it fits iphone X, 8, 7 & 6 plus no problem.

The total length of the pouch is 15″ wide by 3.5″ high before stretching. The pouch can hold 3.5″ thick object before stretching. The length between the 2 opening is 6″. The material on the front is made of elastic stretchy polyester blend material. Since the dual opening pouch is so spacious and the material is stretchy like that of lycra, it should fit an Epi-Pen.

Yes, it will hold a US passport and iPhone 7 no problem. There will still be room for cash and/or credit cards.

It will fit 38-39 inches comfortably but can easily extend to 42 inches no problem. If it doesn’t fit, we will gladly issue a refund.

Yes, it will fit LG V10 which is about the same size as iPhone 6 Plus as mentioned by a review on June 3, 2016. The running belt’s pouch is 9.5 cm high before stretched and LG V10 measures 8 cm wide.

Yes, because this running belt or travel money lies flat against your body and is securely fastened snugly using the high quality adjustable Velcro band. It is unnoticeable under your shirt.  The belt stays put on waist or hip.

We recommend using our very own apparatuz liquid chalk markers.  However, any quality dry erase or wet erase liquid chalk marker can be used.

The whole calendar is one giant magnet and will directly attach to any metal surface.

Chalk marks can be erased with paper towel.  For chalk marks that stayed on the calendar for a while, use a moist paper towel or soft towel for best results. We recommend using our eraser cloth that comes with our neon liquid chalk marker set.

For best results, clean surface area with damp cloth before applying and save backing and paper core for future re-application. To remove calendar for re-positioning, peel from one side, re-attach backing paper and roll with the paper core as shown in Product Image 5.

NOTE: It is not advisable to apply on glass or stainless steel surface as the adhesion will make it difficult to remove.

Chalk marks can be erased with paper towel.  For chalk marks that stayed on the calendar for a while, we recommend using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for best results.

Shake well with the cap on, uncap, and push tip against a writing surface until ink starts to flow to the tip.

On glossy surface such as a high gloss magnetic calendar, wipe marks with a clean cloth.  On other non porous surface, wet the eraser cloth provided before wiping liquid chalk marks.  On matt surface or long standing marks, surface can be wiped clean with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

NOTE: Don’t use liquid chalk on porous surfaces.