Five Star Reviews For Apparatuz Adjustable Running Belt

Positive Customers Experience with the Newly Released Apparatuz Adjustable Running Belt

June 24, 2015 – Ardsley, NY — The adjustable running belt of apparatuz, an eco-friendly high quality recreation and sports product company, received positive customer feedback within the first few days of product release.

In a statement, apparatuz announced today that the company received a number of favorable reviews from customers on Amazon, the exclusive channel for the sale of the adjustable running belt. “We are very excited and encouraged that our customers receive our product so well. We have thought that the adjustable running belt would meet the need of our targeted market but are surprised to receive very positive feedback in such a short time.” the statement noted.

The customer reviews on Amazon validates the company claims that the running belt is stylish, comfortable, accommodating and functional as well as suiting both men and women. One of the review wrote “Awesome product… I love it. Smooth, sleek, comfortable and adjustable belt fits perfectly on my waist and looks and feels like the top of my yoga pants…. Overall I did experience the hands free secure freedom as the product offers.”

Another customer reported that “This is the best running belt I’ve ever owned. It is very soft and comfortable and keeps everything you put in it in place. Also good for people who travels as you can put money and passport in it.”

A third one written by a husband purchasing the product for his wife noted that “she received compliments and that’s a plus for her and my ears. I’ve tried it myself and it fits me well. I was thinking I can borrow it from her if I need to, except she refused to share… I guess I just have to buy my own apparatuz belt.”