Alternative Use Of Apparatuz Adjustable Running Belt

apparatuz, a maker of high quality eco-friendly recreation outdoor products, recent launch of a runners belt has another great use in everyday life. Dog owners will not want to miss this.

A customer of apparatuz in Florida shared her success story, “I wore the belt to the dog park tonight and it was really comfortable.  At one point, I totally forgot I was ‘wearing’ the phone and panicked thinking that I lost it somewhere in the park.  Two thumbs up!”

Per the company spokesperson, this is one of the intended use of their innovative travel running belt.  “This is not your old fashion fanny pack or waist pack.  It is crafted in such a way that delivers comfort, functions and style and be used as a dog running belt” the spokesperson continued.

%PR_LINK% “…I usually keep my phone and keys in my jeans back pockets but I constantly worry if I slip and fall, I will crack the phone. I used to have a fanny pack but it is ugly and bulky (not to mention I look ancient with that thing!). I like this running belt a lot, the design is very slim so when I put in my phone and even an extra card holder (for IDs and cash) and keys, I do not feel bulky. The design also does not hinder movements like those fanny packs which you can feel it bouncing up and down on your belly. The material feels very sturdy too. It is made of a stretchy material like those Spanx thing. I can see myself wearing that as money belt when I am traveling or attending crowded venues.”

The company stated that this is a %PR_LINK2% which has many applications including running, jogging, hiking, walking, travelling and dog walking.  The spokesperson continued, “Our customers like our running waist pack so much that they rate our product with 5 stars on Amazon.

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