Apparatuz Offers Free Shipping For Their Adjustable Running Belt

Customers Has the Option of Free Shipping When Ordering Apparatuz Adjustable Running Belt on Amazon

June 25, 2015 – Ardsley, NY — Apparatuz, an eco-friendly high quality recreation and sports products company is announcing additional savings with free shipping on top of their grand opening sale to their customers. The adjustable running belt exclusively sold on Amazon is available for free shipping for orders over $35 or more and also to Amazon Prime members.

To further expand their reach of the market, the company believes the free shipping option will help close the sale and increase the conversion rate. Per the company, the free shipping option is often a deal breaker for online shoppers and and offering a free shipping option will help close the sale.

“Partnering with Amazon, we are excited to offer this free shipping option to our customers shopping on We believe the free shipping option together with the great shopping experience that Amazon offers, is a no-brainer for our customers to own one of our amazing adjustable running belt,” said the company spokesperson. “We strive to find ways to provide value-add to our customers and this will be an ongoing offer.”

To qualify for free shipping on Amazon, order has to be over $35 with eligible items such as the apparatuz adjustable running belt. Over $35 order will be delivered within 5 to 8 business days when all items are available to ship. Alternatively for Amazon Prime members, the adjustable running belt is Prime eligible and is part of the unlimited 2-day shipping program.

“We are thrilled that our customers can take advantage of this great opportunity to own one of our runners belt as well as complete other items on their shopping list,” the spokesperson added.

Five Star Reviews For Apparatuz Adjustable Running Belt

Positive Customers Experience with the Newly Released Apparatuz Adjustable Running Belt

June 24, 2015 – Ardsley, NY — The adjustable running belt of apparatuz, an eco-friendly high quality recreation and sports product company, received positive customer feedback within the first few days of product release.

In a statement, apparatuz announced today that the company received a number of favorable reviews from customers on Amazon, the exclusive channel for the sale of the adjustable running belt. “We are very excited and encouraged that our customers receive our product so well. We have thought that the adjustable running belt would meet the need of our targeted market but are surprised to receive very positive feedback in such a short time.” the statement noted.

The customer reviews on Amazon validates the company claims that the running belt is stylish, comfortable, accommodating and functional as well as suiting both men and women. One of the review wrote “Awesome product… I love it. Smooth, sleek, comfortable and adjustable belt fits perfectly on my waist and looks and feels like the top of my yoga pants…. Overall I did experience the hands free secure freedom as the product offers.”

Another customer reported that “This is the best running belt I’ve ever owned. It is very soft and comfortable and keeps everything you put in it in place. Also good for people who travels as you can put money and passport in it.”

A third one written by a husband purchasing the product for his wife noted that “she received compliments and that’s a plus for her and my ears. I’ve tried it myself and it fits me well. I was thinking I can borrow it from her if I need to, except she refused to share… I guess I just have to buy my own apparatuz belt.”

Grand Opening Sale For Apparatuz Adjustable Running Belt

Apparatuz Substantially Cuts the Price of the Adjustable Running Belt for Grand Opening

June 22, 2015 – Ardsley, NY — With the launch and release of the Adjustable Running Belt on, apparatuz, an eco-friendly high quality recreation and sports product company, is holding a grand opening sale to introduce the innovative belt to all active people seeking a no worries running belt.

The Adjustable Running Belt is on sale at $28.95, a $10 discount from the listed price of $38.95. Per the company, this steep price cut is to celebrate the launch of their innovative runners belt as well as introducing to all those who don’t want to use an outdated waist pack or fanny pack to stay handsfree active. The Adjustable Running belt is available for purchase on and the sale is ending on June 26, 2015.

The spokesperson said “We are very excited to open doors with this special price to introduce active men and women who don’t want to compromise functions over forms on a very personal device.”

“What makes our belt so different from the rest is that it provides a worry free and comfortable experience for both men and women,” the company spokesperson continues, “the belt accommodates all modern necessities such as iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 in a minimalistic way yet offers a skin tight secure experience.”

“The beauty of this belt is that you don’t have to worry about sizing. The generous long adjustable belt is very accommodating and the user can adjust it on the fly and secure it wherever needed.”

The spokesperson also indicated that due to the special feature that valuables can be securely stashed away against the body, the adjustable belt can also be used as a money belt for traveling. She also added that this provide another benefit to those active people who is on the go all the time but want freedom with their hands and not a traditional waist pack.